Good Food


We believe in harmony with nature and we express it in use of environmentally friendly technologies. Our production is entirely based on Australian technology which excludes the application of any artificial colours or preservatives. Simultaneously, the same technology ensures keeping all nutritional values of used components.
Idea Supermarket Idea Supermarket

Trendy snacks tailored to the consumers needs.

Mini snacks Mini snacks

Savoury flavoured mini corn cakes. Good dietary choice with a tasty, crunchy beat.

Convenience packaging Convenience packaging

Super snack on the go.

Flavoured Corn Cakes Flavoured Corn Cakes

A crunchy roasted corn snack with the great flavour.

Thin corn cakes Thin corn cakes

Very crunchy and extremely delicate.

Thin corn cakes with super seeds Thin corn cakes with super seeds

Corn cakes with trendy super seeds for your health.

Flavoured rice and corn cakes Flavoured rice and corn cakes

Available in the most popular flavours.

Medium  rice cakes Medium rice cakes

A great snack with a truly exceptional taste.

Sweet flavoured rice and corn cakes Sweet flavoured rice and corn cakes

Full of crunchiness and amazing tastes of caramel or sweet fruit juice.

Chocolate rice & corn  cakes Chocolate rice & corn cakes

Comfort food made with top quality chocolate.

Sprinkled chocolate rice cakes Sprinkled chocolate rice cakes

Perfect for those who are looking for something more.

Thick rice cakes Thick rice cakes

Well recognized and the most popular group.

New products New products

We constantly develop our offer to meet our customer's expectations.

Gluten free Gluten free

Made from top quality gluten free ingredients.